Editor's Pick: Flotsam + Fork

We want everything from this new online kitchenware shop

Much as I love aspirational screen-shopping around my favorite online housewares stores, sometimes I don't feel like combing through multiple sites for the perfect kitchen towel. I want someone else to do the work for me.

That's why I've been staring non-stop at the well-curated, gorgeous-yet-functional kitchen and housewares from Flotsam + Fork.

Everything has that classic, slightly worn-in, not-trying-too-hard aesthetic that French cooks do so well--and that I'm always trying to recreate. Nothing's too fancy or overly designed. Just the most ideal iteration of each item.

Here, the items I'm (most) coveting:

Soft dish brush ($4.95): For those who dread the post dinner-party clean-up, a horsehair-and-birch brush makes the chore more sexy.

Double lever corkscrew ($21): According to the website, this weighty piece comes from the "Basque city of metallurgy." And it opens wine bottles. Doubly awesome.

Hand-carved spoons ($35): How hot is it that these utensils are made by a Wisconsin craftsman using nothing more than a knife and an ax? 

Olive oil can ($45.95): A long, elegant spout means less drippage than pouring from the bottle. And, a much nicer way to serve than putting a store-bought bottle on the table.

Fromage set ($41.95): Adds a jolt of color to any cheese plate. A good excuse to eat more Comté.

Striped linen dishtowels ($19.95): Perfectly French, perfectly functional.  

Trivet ($10.95): The stainless steel lattice design is so pretty, you almost don't want to cover it up with a hot pot.


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