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Michael Pollan has a new Netflix documentary series called 'Cooked'
Michael Pollan Docuseries
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Winter has officially settled into everyone's bones, which means binge-watching season is in full swing. Later this month, when the Netflix well may start to look a little dry, Michael Pollan will come to the rescue with Cooked, a new documentary series.

If you're a Pollan fan, that name might ring a bell. It's the same as the food advocate's book from 2013, which is the inspiration for the four-part documentary. Each episode is pegged to a different physical element that has been used for cooking over time: fire, water, air and earth.

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Each one takes viewers to different communities around the globe and then back to Pollan's kitchen in Berkeley, California, where he puts his findings into practice. In "Water," Pollan travels to India to learn about "pot cooking" and later considers the alternative, highly processed food on which so many Americans rely. In "Air," he visits Morocco to learn about bread baking and, later, takes a close look at gluten.

Pollan tells Eater that the show entails "a great deal of fresh reporting" and takes a more global approach to food. So even if you've read the book, it sounds like there will be something new to learn here.

Cooked premieres February 19, and you can watch the trailer below:

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