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Not-to-miss treats at Black Dog Gelato
Black Dog Gelato

The first thing you'll notice at Black Dog Gelato's new Ukrainian Village storefront is the multicolored spread of gelato and sorbet, whose 20-some flavors range from the everyday espresso to the unusual sesame-fig-chocolate chip.

But look beyond the gelato case for owner Jessie Oloroso's most inspired treats: cookie sandwiches, gelato pops and house-made sodas.

Now that she has her own shop, she has the freedom use her gelato in creative ways. This means sandwiching scoops of blueberry between chewy oatmeal-raisin cookies ($3.75), and dipping subtly boozy whiskey gelato in chocolate and candied bacon bits ($3.75) to make a gelato pop.

Turn house-made Tang-lemongrass soda (inspired by its neon namesake) into a gelato float with a scoop of lemon-ginger, or try vanilla gelato with the watermelon-basil soda.

Two more sodas are in the works--cocoa nib-molasses-ginger, and a horchata-like almond-milk concoction--as are gelato cakes and pies, and gelato sandwiches made with Sicilian panettone and chocolate-brownie cookies. The next gelato pop will be strawberry dipped in dark chocolate and almonds.

And Oloroso plans to share more than just her frozen desserts: Come fall, she'll offer hands-on gelato-making classes to small groups--so you can have your gelato and make it, too.

Black Dog Gelato, 859 N. Damen Ave.; 773-235-3116 or

Black Dog Gelato 859 N. Damen Ave Chicago IL 60622 773-235-3116

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