Slurp Oysters at SaltAir Seafood Kitchen


Slurp Oysters at SaltAir Seafood Kitchen

SaltAir Seafood Kitchen
3029 Kirby Dr.
Houston, TX 77098

While Brandi Key’s food is firmly rooted in local traditions (see: snapper on the half shell, an old Gulf Coast fisherman’s technique of cooking the fillets still dressed in skin and scales), they’re reimagined with global ingredients, like a dusting of Moroccan spices. Those touches show up on a host of thoughtful vegetable dishes at the Upper Kirby restaurant. You could make an entire meal here without a lick of meat, though we do suggest you sneak in a few oysters.

Food Style: Seafood

Price Level: $$$

Reservations Accepted: Yes

Atmosphere: Take Your Parents

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