Slurp Oysters Red Rooster Style at 42nd St. Oyster Bar


Slurp Oysters "Red Rooster" Style at 42nd St. Oyster Bar

42nd St. Oyster Bar
508 W. Jones St.
Raleigh, NC 27603

Like the salty godfather who slipped a fiver into your pocket well into your thirties, this spot charms with its continuity (it opened in 1931) and classic hutzpah. Try to nab one of the tables that jut out from the bar and go straight for a peck of steamed oysters (make ours medium rare). Locals eat them "red rooster" style: saltine, oyster, chile from the Texas Pete chile vinegar bottle, dash of hot sauce and a generous sprinkle of black pepper. Also lovable: the cheese potato, a small boat of potato purée under a molten hood of cheese.

Food Style: Seafood

Price Level: $$

Reservations Accepted: Yes

Atmosphere: Casual

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