Order a Seafood Cocktail at Goode Co. Seafood


Order a Seafood Cocktail at Goode Co. Seafood

Goode Co. Seafood
2621 Westpark Dr.
Houston, TX 77098

Mesquite-grilled seafood in an old rail car is just the ticket at Goode Co. Seafood, a particularly bright gem in a local mini chain of storied Houston eateries. During peak oyster season (months ending in 'r'), Goode Co. shucks appellation oysters on the half shell that have been plucked from prized Gulf shoals and reefs, all of them putting to lie the notion that Third Coast oysters are a distant second. In the off season, order a tall, cool parfait glass of campechana, a seafood cocktail brimming with crab and shrimp doused in tomato and hot sauce. A sleeve of crackers and a cold beer round out an iconic Houston meal, but an extra order of seafood empanadas won't cause any hurt feelings.

Food Style: Seafood

Price Level: $$

Reservations Accepted: No

Atmosphere: Casual

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