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Drink In the Holidays

Stylish drinks for the holiday season from top NYC mixologist Joe Campanale and Michael Kors

Liquid Courage? Don’t Need It

Joe Campanale became a certified sommelier, worked for Mario Batali and co-owned his first restaurant by the age of 23—all things that require a lot of talent but also some serious confidence. Inspired by the sleek, new Michael Kors JetMaster watch, he created three cool cocktails for the holidays, including this polished (and, yes, pink) grapefruit-infused drink, which he calls The Confident Man. A modern twist on the Paloma, it’s made with vodka instead of tequila and finished with of-the-moment Aperol.

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Make Wrong Right

As founding partner at four modern Italian restaurants in Downtown NYC, Campanale’s a master at making old favorites new again. When he created the beautifully layered Wrong Way cocktail, he was inspired by a little-known Italian drink known as Sbagliato, or “a Negroni gone wrong.” Typically, a Negroni is equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, but Campanale replaces the gin and Campari with bitters and Prosecco here. Turns out a few wrongs (and some bubbly) always make it right.

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Show Time Who’s Boss

Toast to quintessential American style and attitude when you wrap your wrist with the Michael Kors JetMaster Carbon Fiber watch. Made from strong (yet lightweight) carbon fiber, this watch draws inspiration from the aerodynamic lines of jet planes. Features include a chronograph timer and sub-dials that measure time to the tenth of a second (hello, punctuality). Its durability and rigor make it unquestionably suitable for the modern man.

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Join the Mile High Club

“I’ve always wanted to charter a private jet but have not yet had the opportunity,” Campanale says of the inspiration behind his Charter Punch. Though sipping this gingery, apple brandy-based blend on a private jet would certainly be amazing, you don’t have to be at 30,000 feet to maximize your enjoyment. “Punch is great, because you can prepare it ahead of time. So when your friends arrive, you don’t have to worry about mixing drinks,“ he says.

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  • Mix lemon peels and sugar with your hands; muddle and macerate for at least 30 minutes.

  • Add the apple brandy, sherry, apple cider, ginger beer and soda water.

  • Stir to combine.

  • Ladle into glasses filled with ice; garnish with apple slices.

  • 1/4

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