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DINE by Tasting Table

DINE is a curated restaurant finder that makes it easy to find the perfect restaurant for any occasion.

The app includes a range of recommendations, from the most popular dining destinations in each city to the under-the-radar finds only dedicated food lovers would know.

Each recommendation includes reviews from trusted critics, notable dishes and photos, and you can book a reservation or hail a ride right inside the app. DINE currently covers New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Austin, Houston, Miami and Detroit.


DINE includes only the restaurants you actually want to visit. Our curated database makes finding the best places to eat a breeze.


Easily keep track of the spots you want to try or already love—all in one place. Share your lists with friends when they ask for restaurant recommendations.


Follow friends and industry experts to see the restaurants they love. DINE makes it effortless to stay in the know about your city's dining scene.


Stay up to date on the latest openings, closings, reviews and other restaurant news. Scroll through your feed to see the latest activity of all the people you follow.

iMessage App

The iMessage extension allows users to search for a place to eat, collaboratively decide on a date and time to dine together, and save the details of the event to your calendar—all within iMessage.