Claw-aborative Effort


Eight top lobster rolls faced off in a friendly competition for the title of "Tasting Table Fan Favorite" at our Claw-Off party on June 8. Congratulations to Luke's Lobster for capturing the most votes! Thanks to them and to BLT Fish, Ditch Plains, Ed's Chowder House, Fishtail by David Burke, Lure Fishbar, The Mermaid Oyster Bar and Red Hook Lobster Pound for serving up delicious rolls to our 250 guests. While you do your own tasting this summer, don't forget to wash down those rolls with Hendrick's Gin, Freixenet, Wines from New Zealand, Fiji Artesian Water and Maine Root Sodas!

Fan Favorite: Luke's Lobster

Owner Luke Holden

We pity the West Side--if only for the fact that both locations of Luke's Lobster are way over on the other side of town. The new Upper East Side location will bring its East Village sister's authentic (and affordable) Maine fare to a neighborhood hungry for a good lobster roll. The secret to the roll's instant popularity resides in Luke's super-si... more

BLT Fish

Chef Emilie Bousquet

The elegant upstairs dining room of BLT Fish may be the Flatiron restaurant's main attraction, but the downstairs fish shack is where much of the action takes place. There, the more casual menu features a host of simple coastal classics like steamed lobster and peel-and-eat shrimp. Chef Emilie Bousquet makes her lobster-stuffed sandwich with Maine ... more

Ditch Plains

Chef-Owner Marc Murphy

Marc Murphy's stylish West Village fish shack channels the beachy spirit of Montauk all year-round. The kitchen serves summer classics like crispy clam strips, as well as creative comfort food like hot dogs smothered in creamy mac and cheese (trust us, it works). But the real showstopper is Murphy's lobster roll, a classic New England rendition con... more

Ed's Chowder House

Executive Chef John Miele

At first glance, the highly stylized dining room of Ed's Chowder House seems miles away from the Long Island fish shacks that inspired it. Located in the Empire Hotel, this restaurant enjoys an impressive culinary pedigree in its namesake head chef, Ed Brown (formerly of Eighty One). But the menu is more Montauk than the decor might lead you to bel... more

Fishtail by David Burke

Chef David Burke

Chef David Burke is best known for his culinary playfulness (e.g., pastrami salmon and that immortal lollipop tree), so it's no surprise that the lobster roll served at his Upper East Side seafood restaurant, Fishtail by David Burke, deviates somewhat from the Long Island standard. Burke's version is made with Maine day-boat lobster meat, celery an... more

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Owners Susan Povich and Ralph Gorham

Since Red Hook Lobster Pound opened last summer, Brooklynites have been lining up to get their hands on an authentic taste of Maine, minus the road trip. At their Red Hook storefront (and the Brooklyn Flea), owners Susan Povich and Ralph Gorham serve what is arguably the city's most authentic lobster roll--at least for New England purists (cli... more

Lure Fishbar

Chef Josh Capon

Chelsea Piers isn't the only place you'll find lush yacht interiors. A quick trip to Soho's Lure Fishbar will reward you with the same glamorous design. Not surprisingly, the kitchen excels at a seafaring menu, and offers an excellent raw bar and sushi, too. Lure's dressed-up nautical interior belies Capon's modest approach to the lobster roll. He ... more

The Mermaid Oyster Bar

Chef Laurence Edelman and Owner Danny Abrams

The Mermaid Oyster Bar is the latest addition to restaurateur Danny Abrams's mini seafood empire. Not surprisingly, the restaurant's oyster selection is extensive, with more than 16 varieties of bivalves on offer daily. From the kitchen, diners can order a selection of marine-themed dishes like beer-battered cod and chips, and a whole grilled brook... more