Two Much

Who knew waffles and salads belonged together? Anthony Myint.
GreenSalads.org's kale salad, with Anthony Myint in the background

Think of Lt. Waffle and GreenSalads.org as fraternal twins sharing a crib with an adopted brother.

The two are ostensibly separate businesses housed in Linea Caffe, the storefront that cult roaster Andrew Barnett opened in the Mission three weeks ago. However, Lt. Waffle and GreenSalads.org share a creative wellspring--Mission Street Food's Anthony Myint, who thought waffles would go with the coffee and, well, the neighborhood could use a takeout salad place.

Myint has a gift for the improbable. He may say that "up until five days before we opened, I hadn't found the right waffle recipe," but you wouldn't know it from the quality.

The yeasted waffles, cooked on cast-iron plates imported from Belgium, are lacy and fragile, staying crisp for only five minutes. Eat them (quickly) with sweet Greek yogurt and strawberries ($7), or try the equally light buckwheat version ($9) with crème fraîche, dill and salmon roe.

The salads, made with good fresh greens instead of crappy spring mix, hold longer if you don't have time to eat them standing at the cafe's window counter.

Novelty torques each into a more interesting form: a kale salad with guacamole dressing ($10) showered with fried shallots, say, or the green olive vinaigrette and fresh herbs brightening an Israeli couscous salad ($8).

Clearly these twins share good genes.

Lt. Waffle 3417 18th St. San Francisco CA 94110 GreenSalads.Org 3417 18th St. San Francisco CA 94110

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