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New York's summer of swizzle

Like all things tiki, the swizzle--a cocktail composed of a spirit, fruit juice, liqueur and crushed ice--is back.

The libation is named for its mixing technique: You plunge the three-pronged stick into the cocktail and twirl it between your palms. The result is a frosty glass worthy of an umbrella.

At Dram, Williamsburg's best new cocktail joint, order the Behind God's Back swizzle; with its combination of rum, cinnamon and almond syrups, pineapple and lime juices and bitters, it'll leave you swaying.

The Robert Johnson swizzle at Death & Co. blends Evan Williams Single Barrel bourbon, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, Otima 10-year tawny port, vanilla syrup, Peychaud's bitters and whiskey barrel aged bitters ($13) for serious summer refreshment.

Pass a languid evening in front of Clover Club's open windows with the sweet-sour Pink Moon, a fuchsia-colored concoction of gin, sweet vermouth, raspberry syrup, cucumber and lemon juice.

And, at the new LES tiki den Painkiller, you'll find an entire section of the menu dedicated to the swizzle format: Try the spicy-sweet Prospect Park swizzle, a frosty glass of Calvados, fresh lemon juice, cinammon bark Demerara syrup and cherry puree.

Dram 177 S. 4th St. Brooklyn NY 11211 718-486-3726 Death & Co. 433 E. 6th St. New York NY 10009 212-388-0882 Clover Club 210 Smith St. Brooklyn NY 11201 718-855-7939 Painkiller 49 Essex St. New York NY 10002 212-777-8454


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