Get Yourself to Greenpoint

Neighborhood gems like Luksus, Glasserie and River Styx make the trip worth it
Greenpoint Restaurant Glasserie
The women of Glasserie

It used to be hard to sell Greenpoint as a destination. There's the G train (enough said), as well as the neighborhood's split personality: either residential or an industrial ghost town depending on the block.

But within months, the area has become a concentration of food and culinary talent that is only growing. Rounding out the spots below are the ultra-chef endeavors by Paul Liebrandt and Luksus, the tasting menu experience in the back of Tørst. Time to make the trek, we say.

Glasserie: "I wanted to open something off the beaten path," owner Sara Conklin told us. She succeeded: Greenpoint's main drag dead ends into this former glass factory--any further and you'd be in Queens. But the secluded space is the perfect setting for the sunny, Middle Eastern-leaning food prepared by chef Sara Kramer (formerly of Reynard's and Blue Hill).

Achilles Heel: The latest notch in the belt of Marlow & Sons empire builder Andrew Tarlow gracefully bridges the afternoon with the evening. Stop in early for an espresso and the platonic ideal of a simple tomato sandwich, or later for a drink.

River Styx
The Bounty: Sustainable seafood is the conceit of this new spot, and dishes like the linguine with clams cement its success. If the bowl were a ship, it would sink under the abundance of pristine, butter-soaked littlenecks. Back on land, chef Eric Mann (formerly of Prune) makes a burger that warrants its own Facebook page. It's that good.

Glasserie | River Styx
River Styx: Right at the mouth of Transmitter Park, River Styx's menu is documentation of a chef having fun. Nachos, a constant, hold court with wood-fire roasted clams (served with garlic knots and a bowl of salsa verde), and a smoky, blistered half-chicken draped in an acidic, tomato-based sauce (think barbecue meets Frank's Red Hot).

Glasserie 95 Commercial St. New York NY 11249 718-389-0640 Luksus and Tørst 615 Manhattan Ave. New York NY 11222 718-389-6034 Achilles Heel 180 West St. New York NY 11222 347-987-3666 The Bounty 131 Greenpoint Ave. New York NY 11222 347-689-3325 River Styx 21 Greenpoint Ave. New York NY 11222 718-383-8833

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