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Van Leeuwen ice cream gets grounded
Van Leewen Ice Cream
Photo: Ashley Fischer

Nearly two years since hitting the streets with small-batch artisanal ice cream, the butter-yellow Van Leeuwen truck has found a permanent parking space.

Brothers Ben and Pete Van Leeuwen, along with Ben's wife, Laura O'Neill, have just opened the doors to their first brick-and-mortar location, in Greenpoint.

Regulars will recognize such stalwart flavors as gianduja and red currant among the 12 offerings at the snug 10-seat café. But a few new additions really make the trip worth it: Sundaes and banana splits, which are certain to ward off late-winter ennui, and talk of new flavors (palm sugar ice cream, anyone?) pave a cheerful road to spring.

The space also affords room for a pastry case, which houses cookies, muffins, and hazelnut-brown-butter cake baked by Marlow & Sons vet Chelsea Wilkes; Intelligentsia coffee is available as well.

For those with G train phobias, don't despair: The Van Leeuwens' fleet of trucks will continue to cruise the city's streets. But for the neighborhood's inhabitants and ice cream pilgrims alike, the shop is a scoop of cold comfort indeed.

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Store, 632 Manhattan Ave. (between Nassau and Norman aves.), Brooklyn; 718-701-1630 or vanleeuwenicecream.com

VanLeeuwen IceCream 632 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn NY 11222 718-701-1630
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