The Long Weekend: Miami

A Technicolor tropical playground beckons
Tasting Table: Long Weekend - Miami
South Beach at sunrise

You've been fighting the elements this fall.

Of course, the best fighters know that sometimes the most opportune strategy is retreat--at least temporarily.

Our advice: Decamp to Miami for a long weekend of dining, drinking and relaxing against the backdrop of a Technicolor tropical playground (see the full itinerary--with photos!).

Sample Miami cuisine, interpreted through an imaginative lens, at The Bazaar by José Andrés or the new Florida Cookery at the James Royal Palm. Our guide also tells you where to enjoy bespoke cocktails in a tropical hideaway and a wood-paneled speakeasy. 

With plenty of ideas, our guide ensures a glittering, whirlwind weekend.

You've been busy and overwhelmed, between hundred-year weather events and yearly holiday stresses. We've taken care of the planning--all you have to do is show up.

La Palma Cuban 6091 SW Eighth St. Miami FL 33144 305-261-1113 Blacksmith Saloon at The Well 444 W. 41st St. Miami FL 33127 305-532-1312

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