Join Tasting Table in Soho for an exclusive dinner with chefs Max and Eli Sussman

An exclusive dinner with chefs Max and Eli Sussman
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We're not clear on what Max and Eli Sussman's parents fed their boys, but these brothers sure love food.

Consider where the two have landed jobs: Max is the chef de cuisine at Roberta's, and Eli toils as a line cook at Mile End Delicatessen.

With the arrival today of their book, This Is a Cookbook: Recipes for Real Life ($23), the brothers join forces and declare,"If there's enough space for you to stand in the kitchen, you can cook the entire book."

With that refreshing approach in mind, we've invited this brotherly team to play in our kitchen. On Tuesday, October 2, from 6:30 to 9 p.m., Tasting Table readers are invited to join us in our Test Kitchen & Dining Room for an intimate 30-person meal with Max and Eli Sussman ($100; click here to purchase a ticket).

The evening will begin with passed canapés and cocktails, followed by a multicourse dinner. Finally, each guest will depart with a copy of the Sussmans' new book.

The book's recipes were developed on two little burners. Like the punchy fried grape salad with hazelnuts and blue cheese (get the recipe), these are ideal dishes for the city-based home cook.

Think of the recipe as a sneak-peek of the main event.

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