Recipe Recap: Burgers

Our road map to summer's best burger

Only a handful of glorious, sun-soaked, burger-filled weekends remain this summer. We think these numbered days deserve a truly outstanding burger.

THE MEAT: To aid in the pursuit of excellence, begin with Tasting Table's proprietary blend of meat, a juicy, flavorful combination of beef chuck and skirt steak, with some pork shoulder added for good measure.

THE CHEESE: Want a cheeseburger? Kraft will do, but we think the best cheese for the job is Challerhocker, an Alpine-style cow's-milk number with a nutty flavor that recalls Appenzeller.

THE CONDIMENT: To gussy up our burger, we look to homemade mayonnaise. The perfect foil for an astonishing variety of mix-ins, it's far from your average spread. Should you want to gild the lily, you need look no farther than dried Sriracha powder, which, when combined with ranch dressing (homemade or store-bought), makes some kind of special sauce.

THE PICKLES: If you're of the belief that no burger is complete without pickles, you can go classic, with a quick-pickled cucumber version, or opt for zucchini pickles

THE FINALE: For dessert, because we couldn't resist, make our recipe for the cutest ice cream "slider," with brioche standing in for the bun. 

  • A great burger begins with great meat. To create Tasting Table's proprietary blend, we combined ground chuck, skirt steak and pork shoulder.

  • Skip the American and top your burger with Challerhocker instead, a nutty Alpine cheese that melts beautifully.

  • We think mayonnaise is an essential burger condiment. Straight-up is fine, but why not experiment with other varieties, using our Mayo Matrix as your guide?

  • Another genius way to dress up a burger is to top it with Sri-Rancha, a blend of oven-dehydrated Sriracha and homemade (or store-bought) ranch dressing.

  • Pickles are a burger essential. Make quick cucumber pickles, or try zucchini pickles instead.

  • What's the best way to end a burger meal? With an adorable ice cream "slider," of course. Though this dessert borrows from the Italian tradition of serving gelato in brioche, this ice cream sandwich is an all-American treat.

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