Recipe Recap: May Edition

Seven new recipes from Tasting Table's city editions
Recipe Recap

We have eaten enough chicken satay to last a lifetime, and we’re guessing your guests have too.

For your next cocktail party, we present seven ways to step it up:

To begin, mix your guests a refined wine cooler, made with Lillet rosé enhanced with lemongrass, grapefruit and sparkling wine. Or opt for the bolder Gin-Gin Mule served at New York’s The NoMad, made with gin, fresh ginger juice and ginger-lime cordial.

Pique guests’ appetites by setting out bowls of quick cucumber pickles, and pair tortilla chips with an unusual black olive-serrano chile salsa, a recipe that comes from chef Matt Gandin of Comal in Berkeley, California.

Skip invoking the '90s with serve artichoke-spinach dip. Instead, try the deviled crab recipe from Chicago’s Big Jones, a rich combination of crab, béchamel and cheese.

For a lighter take on crab, we look to Miami: The turnip carpaccio at now-shuttered restaurant Sustain is topped with a combination of crab, corn and avocado, in an unusual twist on the classic beef dish.

Continue the seafood theme by serving small cups of arros de baetjo, a creamy rice dish with salt cod, cauliflower and scallions, the recipe for which comes from an L.A. chef aptly named Perfecto.

  • At New York City's The NoMad, refreshment takes the form of tableside Gin-Gin Mules, made with gin, fresh ginger juice and ginger-lime cordial.

  • Want pickles and don't want to wait? Try this recipe for quick cucumber pickles, which are ready in an hour and a half. Set out bowls of them as appetizers, and save any leftovers for burgers.

  • At Comal in Berkeley, California, chef Matt Gandin combines his experience with Italian food and his love of Mexican cuisine in this recipe for black olive-serrano chile salsa. It's good with tortilla chips or, as Gandin serves it, with slices of salmon crudo.

  • Cajun and Creole get their due at Chicago's Big Jones restaurant. The rich, creamy deviled crab is a worthy replacement for crab-artichoke dip, that tired '90s workhorse.

  • "Carpaccio" typically refers to a dish of raw, pounded slices of paper-thin beef. In this interpretation, invented at the now-shuttered Miami restaurant Sustain, turnips take the place of the meat, topped with a mixture of crab, corn and avocado.


    This recipe for Spanish-style bomba rice with salt cod, cauliflower and scallions, called arros de baetjo, comes from Lazy Ox in Los Angeles, courtesy of a chef named Perfecto.

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