Accident Prone

A condiment that almost wasn't

We can only imagine how many delicious ideas are scrapped at the first roadblock.

So praise is due to Tim Parsons on two levels: for his superb new hot sauce, bottled under the moniker Adoboloco, and for his ability to see beyond one failed attempt.

His original intention was to create a traditional Filipino adobo sauce, but when that idea proved too difficult to execute in shelf-stable form, he switched gears.

Using a glut of jalapeño peppers planted as part of his children's home-schooling curriculum, Parsons made his first batch of hot sauce.

The flavor--in which the tang of apple cider and garlic mellow the heat of the chile--drew fast fans in his local community in Hawaii, which prompted the need to ramp up production. Now the bottles emblazoned with Parsons's pet rooster are available nationally online ($7.75 for 10 ounces; click here to buy).

The sauce's name may harken back to the original business plan, but Adoboloco is no misstep.

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