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Inheriting Grandma's rolling pin is high on our list of coveted kitchen scores.

If, however, Granny wasn't much of a baker, take heed: We put four distinctly different rolling pins through their paces by testing them against our perfected sugar cookie recipe (click here to see) in order to find a match for most every personality.

The Classicist: You will appreciate the minimalism of the French pin ($20). The handle-free maple rod is shaped for easy maneuvering and is a snap to clean. The design also comes in handy for giving too-cold sugar cookie dough a few warming whacks.

The Romantic: If you dream of a from-scratch world, consider the cherry rolling pin. This beauty is turned from a single block of cherrywood ($20). It performed well, though the high-maintenance ridged handles do require more attention when rolling and cleaning.

The Sophisticate: Yours is the Baylun Pin ($54) made from Indian rosewood. Luckily, it works as well as it looks, with its handles perfectly weighted against the shaft. It comes in two iterations: one with a stationary core and one with a center piece that rotates when rolling.

The Perfectionist: You will appreciate the functionality of Joseph Joseph's adjustable pin ($20). The ruler along its length allows bakers to measure width while rolling, and removable plastic wheels at each end make the sometimes-frustrating pursuit of achieving perfect dough thickness child's play.

  • Rolling Pins: French

    The French Rolling Pin is for minimalists who value clean lines and functionality.

  • Rolling Pins: Cherry

    As American as apple pie, the Cherry Rolling Pin woos romantics with its fanciful curves.

  • Rolling Pins: Baylun

    Urbanites will fall for the Baylun's elegant lines, modern look and thoughtful design (click here to buy).

  • Rolling Pins: Adjustable

    Perfectionists appreciate the functionality of the adjustable rolling pin, which allows bakers to measure width and thickness while rolling (click here to buy).

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