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Habit-forming caramels and cookies are only a click away

If you live in San Francisco and you don't already know about Kika's Treats--well, shame on you.

But if you live farther afield, consider this your invitation to join the club. Brazilian-born owner Cristina Arantes makes her treats--coconut, espresso and cacao-nib chocolate shortbread, caramelized graham crackers and Brazilian honey cakes, all enrobed in either milk or dark chocolate--with care. Be forewarned: They're habit-forming.

Arantes has also recently added caramels to the line. Choose from two equally delicious flavors: crunchy (studded with puffed brown rice) or nutty (with roasted Oregon hazelnuts).

The caramels are made with organic coconut-palm sugar, a sustainably harvested sweetener with a pronounced butterscotch flavor, coated in bittersweet chocolate and finished with a sprinkling of sea salt ($18 for a nine-piece box).

Like Arantes's other products, the caramels are righteously delicious, and if she never made another thing, we'd be happy. But we can't help but wonder--what will she think of next?


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