What to Do with Leftover Champagne

No more bubbles? You can still use every last drop
What to Do with Leftover Champagne
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Leftover Champagne. Believe it or not, this is a thing that can actually happen. If you were too tipsy to remember to cork the bottle before passing out or if you have less than a bottle left, there are plenty of ways to cook, bake and even drink that leftover Champagne all over again.

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Here are five things to do with your surviving bubbly.

① Make Classic French Macarons

Don't drink it, bake it. These rose-Champagne macarons from Tasting Table are the perfect treat and call for only half a cup.


It's all coming mac to me now. (Recipe and guide for perfect macarons on @tastingtable!)

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② Turn It into Another Cocktail

Keep the party going by using those last few drops of Champagne in a new drink, like this American 25 cocktail from Tasting Table.

③ Enjoy a Bowl of Mussels

When the temperature drops, indulge in steamy mussels with pasta or crusty bread, like this recipe with a Champagne broth from Epicurious.

④ Freeze Ice Cubes

Add extra flavor to your cocktails or punch bowl by freezing the leftover Champagne in ice cube trays.

⑤ Make Preserves

Take last night's drink and turn it into the next morning's spread. Jelly Toast shares a recipe for Meyer lemon Champagne preserves.


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