Tomato, Juiced

A menu that reinvents a late-summer staple
Tasting Table

Some of summer's choicest crops are actually at their most abundant--and most flavorful--during the transitional month of September.

Case in point: the tomato.

Yes, you've been relishing it for weeks, but probably in the most familiar ways: raw salads, layered into BLTs and maybe simmered into sauce.

Our September menu (click here to download) promises to abolish your tomato ennui. Fans of caprese will love its autumn-suited sister, a roasted-tomato salad with arugula and Brie. Our tomato tart is a savory dish inspired by the classic French tarte Tatin. And orzo and prosciutto commingle in a refreshed 1970s classic: the stuffed tomato.

Paired with a hearty, meaty main like curried pork chops with tomato chutney and a rich dessert of olive oil shortbread with a refreshing--and surprisingly fitting--tomato granita, this menu will take your tomatoes way beyond any sauce.

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