When Life Gives You Lemonade

The 11 best lemonade recipes on the internet
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Basil Lemonade

Lemonade has long reigned as the king of all thirst quenchers. The beauty is in its simplicity, which is also why it's a perfect canvas upon which to paint. From adding spices and fruit to it to using it for making pies, here's a roundup of our favorite ways to get down with lemonade.

① Explore your options. Use cherries, tomato juice and even smoke to fancify your regular glass of lemonade.

② Waste not, want not. Take leftover herbs and add them to your lemonade for a more complex drink.

③ Add vanilla beans to make it the best cup you've had.

④ Blend a frosty version that doesn't even require peeling.

⑤ Whip up a frozen pie and eat your lemonade, too.

⑥ And while we're freezing things, freeze lemonade into ice cubes to add to your tea for quick Arnold Palmers or add them to your Pimm's Cup for a cocktail that changes as you sip.

⑦ Soothe your throat in the winter with hot ginger lemonade.

⑧ Get salty with the simple addition of one ingredient: sea salt.

⑨ Cozy up with a whiskey thyme lemonade.

⑩ Swing the other way and make a pineapple limeade instead.

⑪ Think pink and make strawberry lemonade ice pops.

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