What's for Dinner: That's a Wrap

Stuff yourself with chicken phyllo wraps and Italian dumplings
Photo: Tasting Table

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

There's a culinary secret that all cultures seem to have unlocked: When you wrap dough around a filling and cook it, magic happens. Ravioli, spring rolls, pierogi, burritos, empanadas—the list is endless. Whether it's because this often makes the dishes portable or because bread makes everything better, we'll let you decide. Either way, make these dishes tonight for a dinner that's rolling in the dough.

① Appetizer: Smoky Chicken-Phyllo Croustillant
Bite through the crisp phyllo and you'll find a spice-packed chicken filling. The mixture gets combined in just one bowl and is simply spooned onto phyllo dough, wrapped, brushed with butter and baked. Consider it an edible arts and crafts project.

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② Main Course: Strangolapreti alla Trentina
Chef Jonathon Sawyer makes good use of stale bread in this recipe for this cousin of the gnocchi, mixing it with spinach and two cheeses for a verdant Italian dumpling. But wait, there's more—namely in the form of a surprise-inside soft cheese filling and a butter and sage pan sauce.

③ Dessert: Rugelach Hand Pies
Rugelach themselves are essentially wrapped-up cookies; these hand pies take it to the next level. You get a whole pie to yourself, and since you have two hands, well, go ahead and have another.


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