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Where to eat, drink and shop in Richmond right now
City Guide: Richmond, VA
Photos: Courtesy of Will Blunt, Patrick Moran, The Roosevelt, Belmont Butchery, Lemaire, Pasture and Daniel Warshaw

It may not be as bucolic as Charleston, nor as glitzy as Atlanta, but Richmond, Virginia, is a city with lofty but earnest culinary aspirations—and should be your next Southern food destination.

A new, small but passionate group of chefs is serving upmarket food and drink in laid-back settings in Virginia's capital city, surrounded by America's original wine country. Sure, you'll find Southern staples like pimento cheese and Ritz crackers around town, but there's also some seriously delicious food coming out of restaurants like The Roosevelt, Lemaire and Peter Chang China Café.

Our City Guide tells you where to eat, drink and stock up in RVA, as it's affectionately known.

The Roosevelt 623 N. 25th St. Richmond VA 23223 804-658-1935 Peter Chang China Café 11424 W. Broad St. Glen Alley VA 23060 804-364-1688 Lunch 1213 Summit Ave. Richmond VA 23230 804-353-0111 Mamma Zu 501 S. Pine St. Richmond VA 23220 804-788-4205 Lemaire 101 W. Franklin St. Richmond VA 23220 804-649-4629 Heritage 1627 W. Main St. Richmond VA 23220 804-353-4060 Pasture 416 E. Grace St. Richmond VA 23219 804-780-0416 The Black Sheep 901 W. Marshall St. Richmond VA 23220 804-648-1300 Southbound 3036 Stony Point Rd. Richmond VA 23235 804-918-5431 Dutch & Company 400 N. 27th St. Richmond VA 23223 804-643-8824 The Answer/Mekong 6008 W. Broad St. Richmond VA 23230 804-282-1248 Postbellum 1323 W. Main St. Richmond VA 23220 804-353-7678 Rappahannock 320 E. Grace St. Richmond VA 23219 804-545-0565 Saison 23 W. Marshall St. Richmond VA 23220 804-269-3689 Ardent Craft Ales 3200 W. Leigh St. Richmond VA 23230 804-359-1605 Sub Rosa Bakery 620 N. 25th St. Richmond VA 23223 804-788-7672 Belmont Butchery 15 N. Belmont Ave. Richmond VA 23221 804-422-8519 Blue Bee Cider 212 W. Sixth St. Richmond VA 23224 804-231-0280 Union Market 2306 Jefferson Ave. Richmond VA 23223 804-716-7233 Lamplighter Roasting Company 116 S. Addison St. Richmond VA 23220 804-728-2292


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