What's for Dinner: The Breakfast Edition

Break the rules tonight with eggs and crisp potatoes
Photo: Tasting Table
Breakfast for dinner

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

Societal norms are great and all, but there's something magical about eating breakfast for dinner. Instead of a wine pairing, go with recipes that pair well with your coziest pajamas, old-school cartoons and a sense of childlike abandon. For dinner tonight, we've got you covered on all the breakfast food groups (eggs, potatoes, bacon), plus a boozy milk-and-cereal drink to top it all off.

① Main Course: Coddled Eggs with Crab, Bacon and Leeks
Breakfast for dinner doesn't have to mean just giving your old routine a new time stamp. Crab and leeks make these baked yolks eggstra special.

② Side Dish: Potato Rösti
You can't go wrong with this crispy potato pancake—it's essentially a giant hash brown. Try dipping a wedge into your coddled eggs for the ultimate savory bite.

③ Dessert: The Sonny
Blur the lines between dessert and a nightcap with this Kahlúa-spiked cocktail. So long, orange peel—Cocoa Puffs are our new cocktail garnish of choice.



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