A Peach of a Tip

A quick tip for slicing peaches into fruit salad-ready cubes

The hack: Don't hack it! Slice peaches into neat, fruit salad-ready cubes.

How to do it: Take a ripe peach in one hand, a paring knife in the other and place a bowl underneath. Cut the fruit all over in a grid pattern—without removing it from the stone—first lengthwise, then crosswise. Once your cuts are complete, hold the fruit in both hands and twist gently: all those juicy, perfectly cubed peach pieces will go tumbling into the bowl.

Tip: This method doesn't work as well with underripe stone fruit, nor is it especially effective with a clingstone variety. If you have a peach that refuses to part from its pit, simply remove one or two of the cut pieces, then gently cut underneath the rest, running your knife close to the stone.


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