Easter sweets to try this year

Easter Bunny offerings for any age
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Chocolate rabbit, absinthe ice cream, carrot bar

We'll always have a soft spot for Cadbury Creme Eggs and Peeps.

But Easter candy has come a long way since our childhood hunts. Here are a few sweet offerings that we're hoping to find in our basket this year.

Poco Dolce: This San Francisco-based confectioner has transformed its popular olive oil chocolate bar into a decadent bunny ($10). Take a nibble on one of the ears, and the seemingly solid chocolate melts into a creamy, ganache-like texture.

Jeni's Ice Cream: End Easter brunch with a spoonful of ice cream from Ohio-based dairy queen Jeni Britton-Bauer. Just-released spring flavors include juniper with lemon curd, and absinthe-meringue ($12 a pint).

Vosges: Shredded carrots are soaked in orange juice and cooked until crisp to provide a crunchy counterpoint in the new chocolate bar ($7.50) from Vosges. The root's sweet, earthy flavor shines through the milk chocolate base.

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