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Too often, news in the few short weeks that make up February is monopolized by heart-shaped sentiment or beer-induced sport frenzies, and other things of note aren't given their due. So now that the chocolate-covered dust has settled, we're giving our favorite February finds one more pass:

• The consequences of dedicated beer drinking go beyond "goggles"--like how to remember which delicious bottles we consumed the previous evening. This little tool will help jog your memory about every sudsy detail.

• A lunch box favorite gets glamorous as chefs across the country dress up their puddings with sophisticated flavors.

• Look no further for a wine to drink with tonight's dinner: Brought to your table by way of Argentina (where it rivals the popular Malbec) and Italy, bottles of up-and-comer grape Bonarda are ripe for the drinking.

• The fields may be barren this time of year, but one farmer is looking to an unlikely source for an abundance of vitamin-rich produce: the bottom of the ocean.

• We've been saying for months that vodka is underappreciated: Thanks to some inventive distillers, this much-maligned spirit is finally getting an innovative and delicious makeover.

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