Recipe Recap: December Edition

Seven new recipes to try right now

It’s the calm both after and before the storm.

With Christmas behind us and New Year’s on the horizon, we have a brief moment to pause and consider what we’d like to eat next.

Here’s what we’ve settled on:

Though San Francisco chef Craig Stoll serves his duck-fat-fried latkes during Hanukkah, repurpose them for New Year’s Eve, topped with crème fraîche and caviar.

Because we at Tasting Table have a few days off (and hope you do, too), we’ll be hauling out our Dutch oven and braising the week away. For a casual weeknight dinner, turn to the soy-and-vinegar spiked chicken adobo, which cooks in only 30 minutes.

If you have company coming, the beef brisket with mustard hominy is a showstopper, as are the spiced short ribs, kindred in spirit to beef bourguignon. They can be served as a hors d’oeuvres for a dozen guests or a main course for four. Serve this slivered raw parsnip salad alongside either beefy main.

No matter what, don’t miss an opportunity to conclude a feast with dulce de leche-filled cream puffs.

And hey, the start of a New Year is cause for celebration, and as everyone knows, celebrations call for punch.

Here's to you, fellow cooks: Cheers!

  • These latkes have a secret: they're fried in duck fat until extra crispy. We nabbed the recipe from Craig Stoll, chef-owner of Delfina in San Francisco, who serves them at the restaurant each year during Hanukkah.

  • This braised chicken adobo cooks in only 30 minutes and is flavored with oyster sauce, soy sauce and vinegar.

  • Beef Brisket

    Flavored with star anise and caramelized onions, beef brisket can be cooked in an hour in a pressure cooker or slowly braised in a Dutch oven for the afternoon, filling your kitchen with its delicious aroma.

  • Spiced Short Ribs

    Serve these braised beef short ribs as an appetizer, or make them the main event.

  • Parsnip Salad

    If you're tired of green salads or roasted root vegetables, give this recipe for parsnip salad a spin. Made with the slivered, raw roots, its a punchy contrast to rich, meaty mains.

  • Dulce de Leche-filled Cream Puffs

    Whatever the meal, we've got the finale: serve a tower of dulce de leche-filled cream puffs and watch your guests devour them.

  • A bowl of punch--easy to make, easy to serve and ideal for a crowd--is a party pleaser. Browse our favorite recipes.

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