Recipe Recap: November Edition

Eight recipes to make right now
Recipe Recap

We hope that by now you’ve crawled your way out of a Thanksgiving food coma.

For those who still find themselves with surplus bird, though, here are two suggestions: Turkey tortilla soup features ingredients not seen on most holiday tables, including avocado, lime and jalapeños, making the warmer a welcome break from the rich dishes that define Thanksgiving. Leftover turkey can also be substituted for chicken in this pot pie; top it with cheddar biscuits or leftover piecrust.

If the fridge is bare or you’re in search of some lighter, brighter options, try kasha-stuffed squash, swordfish topped with a vibrant, spicy red chile “pesto,” or a raw kale salad with goat-cheese dressing.

If you’ve decided to open the holiday floodgates, we offer further options, like a mezcal-spiked drinking caramel that’s poised to give hot chocolate a head rush, wedges of buttermilk cake with poached pears and a cloud of crème fraîche, and red-wine-marinated skirt steak that could become a weeknight staple in the busy days to come.

  • Looking for a new way to use up leftover turkey? This tortilla soup employs ingredients not customarily seen on the Thanksgiving table, including lime, avocado and cilantro, so your palate gets a welcome pick-me-up.

  • Make this warming pot pie, topped with cheddar biscuits, for a cozy midweek meal.

  • Who says vegetarian dishes can't hold their own against meaty mains? This gorgeous, satisfying kasha-stuffed squash is proof they can.

  • This swordfish is topped by a vibrant red chile pesto that contains two types of dried chiles, as well as pumpkin seeds.

  • If you're looking for a wintry salad you can make all season long, look no further than this raw kale salad, which gets richness and a boost of flavor from a goat-cheese dressing.

  • With a mug of mezcal-spiked sipping caramel in front of you, you may well forget all about hot chocolate.

  • A proper meal requires a proper dessert, like this buttermilk cake topped with wine-poached pears and sweetened crème fraîche.

  • In the mad rush to the holidays, you need some weeknight workhorses, like this red-wine-marinated skirt steak with broccoli rabe.

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