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The Morning After

The best-tasting cures for a hangover
Tasting Table: Hangover
Pasta at Resto; Bittersweet's egg sandwich

We've spent many a morning cursing our hangovers, searching for the best (read: greasiest) food to placate our pounding heads.

Fortunately for anyone who has ever imbibed too much, some establishments have taken to labeling dishes that double as a panacea. So no need to furrow your brow over what to eat, we’ve found the remedies.

Get brothy: Soothe yourself with Foreign Cinema’s hangover brunch soup--a fiery red pepper broth brimming with chicken, poached egg and lime from the San Francisco restaurant. At Seattle’s Pike Place Market, a bowl of Chan’s humble Korean hangover soup is good for what ails you, made with pork belly, sour kimchi, spicy sauce and tofu in a hot savory broth.

Carb-load: No, we’re not training for a marathon, but the same strategy applies. Turn to the Belgian Hangover Pasta at New York City’s Resto when you’re hurting. Rich béchamel coats pasta laden with lardon, ham, Parmesan and a sunny-side up egg. Or pick up a Hangover Helper sandwich at Bittersweet in Brooklyn: fried sage, ham, cheese and a boiled egg should perk you right up.

So drink up, tomorrow’s culinary cures await.

Foreign Cinema 2534 Mission St. San Francisco CA 94110 415-648-7600 Bittersweet 180 Dekalb Ave. New York NY 11205 718-852-2556 Resto 111 E. 29th St. New York NY 10016 212-685-5585 Chan 86 Pine St. Seattle WA 98101 206-443-5443
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