Fridge Files: Jeremiah Bullfrog

In the kitchen lab of the Freehand Miami and GastroPod chef
Jeremiah Bullfrog with an apple he used to demonstrate the vacuum pack machine.

Update: Jeremiah Bullfrog is no longer cooking at Freehand. However, he continues his kitchen experiments with GastroPod and Pickle Peoples.

Typically, we visit a chef's home kitchen for Tasting Table's Fridge Files series.

This time, we visited Jeremiah Bullfrog's eclectic kitchen laboratory at Freehand Miami.

Bullfrog is head chef at the new high-end South Beach hostel. The busy chef also operates GastroPod food truck and Pickle Peoples, a new project.

Some of Bullfrog's pickles are already part of the ever-changing cocktail menu at Broken Shaker, the newly reopened bar located at the Freehand. The striking Agave Fairy cocktail ($10) merges tequila, pickled radishes and house-made pineapple vinegar.

Elad Zvi and Gabriel Orta, the gentlemen behind Broken Shaker, join Bullfrog in kitchen experiments; they are creating a myriad of vinegars like carrot, cream soda and coffee, for vinaigrettes and cocktails.

Broken Shaker currently serves Bullfrog's version of bar nuts: burly clusters of chewy black sesame, fennel and togarashi that vaguely resemble halva. They are herbal and salty, and "make people want to drink," says Bullfrog.

A plump bag of fresh yogurt occupies a drawer in the crammed refrigerator, and kombucha blooms in a large container, at the Freehand kitchen lab. Our slide show reveals more of Bullfrog's motley experiments and tools.

The restaurant at the Freehand opens later this year, but the Broken Shaker snack menu offers a preview.


  • The tool chef Jeremiah Bullfrog uses most right now is the vacuum pack machine.

  • Bullfrog holds up the half-eaten afternoon snack (an apple) he used to demonstrate how the vacuum pack machine works. He uses it to make the pickles for Freehand Miami and for Pickle Peoples.

  • Bullfrog has been pickling cauliflower in Kaffir lime and saturating Chinese long beans in allspice. He uses bok choy instead of cabbage for "Little Kim's Chi." His pickled radishes are an ingredient in Broken Shaker's Agave Fairy cocktail.

  • Vinegars to be used for food and drink at Freehand include cream soda, coffee and grapefruit.

  • Bullfrog's experimental bar nuts are addicting clusters of chewy black sesame, fennel and <em>togarashi</em>.

  • House-made yogurt is served at the complimentary hotel breakfast at Freehand. Bullfrog tops it with dried-cherry chutney and chia seeds.

  • Miller High Life is used for chorizo and for another bar-snack experiment: pretzel bites with white cheddar powder.

  • Gabriel Orta of Broken Shaker points out some of the plants at Freehand used in the bar and kitchen: basil, lavender, chocolate mint, Cuban oregano, thyme and edible flowers.

  • Chef Bullfrog on the patio at Freehand Miami

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Broken Shaker at Freehand Miami 2727 Indian Creek Dr. Miami Beach FL 33140 305-531-2727

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