Train-ing Days

Metro-adjacent dining options for the Carmageddon weekend

If fears of Carmageddon have you envisioning a shut-in weekend subsisting on canned goods pilfered from your earthquake survival kit, we have good news: not only does L.A. have a subway system, some of our favorite dining options are scattered along its various lines:

Red Line: Two of L.A.'s best bowls of boat noodles are a short walk from the Hollywood/Western stop on the Red Line, which you can ride for free this weekend. Head east on Hollywood for a murky, tangy bowl at the venerable Sapp Coffee Shop, or walk over to Pa-Ord, where the cleaner broth sings with capsicum heat(pictured).

Gold Line: Some of the best Japanese and Mexican restaurants in the Southland are scattered along this route, but on Saturday, July 16, get off at the Memorial Park station and take the complimentary shuttle to the Rose Bowl for the L.A. Street Food Fest.

Blue Line: The ride to downtown Long Beach is long; the payoff of many pints at Congregation Ale House and the newly opened Beachwood Brewing make it worthwhile.

Purple Line: Langer's is practically on top of the Westlake/MacArthur Park station, making a lunch of pastrami sandwiches is an easy Metro eating experience.

Green Line: Plaza Mexico, just blocks from the Long Beach Boulevard station, is home to La Huasteca, where chef Rocio Camacho explores pre-Columbian cuisine.

Pa-Ord 5301 Sunset Blvd. (at N. Hobart Blvd.) Los Angeles CA 90027 323-461-3945 Sapp Coffee Shop 5183 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90027 323-665-1035 Memorial Park Gold Line Station 125 E. Holly St. (at N. Raymond Ave.) Pasadena CA 91103 Congregation Ale House 201 E. Broadway Long Beach CA 90802 626-441-2337 Beachwood Brewing 210 E. 3rd St. Long Beach CA 90802 562-436-4020 Langer's Delicatessen-Restaurant 704 S. Alvarado St. (at W. 7th St.) Los Angeles CA 90057 213-483-8050 La Huasteca 11215 Long Beach Blvd. Ste 1010 Lynwood CA 90262 310-884-9234 La Huasteca 3150 E. Imperial Hwy. Ste. 100 Lynwood CA 90262 310-537-8800


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