Fear the Beard

Bearded Brothers' gluten-free, all-natural energy bars
Bearded Brothers Energy Bars
Brotherly love, in bar form

Don't fault Bearded Brothers on a technicality.

The Austin, Texas-based all-natural energy bar company is actually run by two brothers-in-law sporting, yes, dramatic facial hair.

The pair make their vegan, gluten-free bars ($14 for 4; $42 for 12) from start to finish by hand, save for a machine that helps to form them. They even go so far as to fresh-press ginger and pick through blueberries from East Texas. And, with the exception of the cocoa they use, the bars are made with organic ingredients.

The four flavors--Bodacious Blueberry Vanilla, Fabulous Ginger Peach, Colossal Coconut Mango and Mighty Maca Chocolate--are pleasantly chewy and almost brownie-like in texture. Our favorite, the Colossal Coconut Mango, could pass for a dessert, minus the sugar hangover; a specially made date paste gives the bars their sweetness.

Even the labels and packaging are done by hand; you might find a personal note included in your shipment.

Talk about brotherly love.


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