Chosen Yogurt

Make yogurt at home with a new T-fal gadget
T-fal Yogurt Maker
Time to make the yogurt.

If we see one more "yogurt party" commercial, we might scream.

Still, we can't deny the power--and popularity--of yogurt's beneficial bacteria. So we decided to test out T-fal's new digitally controlled yogurt maker ($40), part of T-fal's brand-new Balanced Living line, which also includes a juice extractor and Thermo-spot Griddle.

The device, which appears decidedly space-age, includes seven jars with adjustable lids to mark the batch date. We tried the most basic of recipes, which essentially required only a quick whisking of plain yogurt and shelf-stable milk, which we spiked with a healthy drizzle of honey.

The resulting yogurt, which took eight hours to prepare, was creamy and suitably tart. A digital timer with automatic shutoff made the process seamless.

You could certainly keep buying yogurt at the market, but we liked the many options included in the recipe packet: for example, fruit on the bottom, soy-milk and Greek-style. Making your own yogurt puts you in control of the ingredients, and can save you money in the long run.

Party on.


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