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Solar Crepes is on a roll
Solar Crepes

Francophiles insist that the best crêpes come from Parisian street vendors.

But we think a new Ballston food cart improves on the formula with its all-American style.

Solar Crêpes folds farm-fresh ingredients into large, delicate pancakes--both sweet and savory.

Monday through Thursday, chef-owners Danna Andrews and Camille Dierksheide create healthy crêpe lunches in their bright pink, soon-to-be-solar-powered cart.

Savory crêpes--made from gluten-free buckwheat--are made with Polyface eggs and chickens (basted in gluten-free soy sauce), wild-caught salmon and local vegetables. You'll find classics like ham and cheese ($6.50) and smoked salmon with chive crème fraîche ($8.50), along with summery specials--like yellow tomatoes and zucchini with bacon--that rotate daily.

The sweet crêpes are more thoughtful than the average butter-and-sugar combinations. The team recruited local chocolate company Krishon to create Knewtella ($5.50), a richer, all-natural version of the ubiquitous crêpe filling, made with fresh-roasted hazelnuts. The daily sweet fruit crêpe ($5.50) brims with stone fruit and berries. A recent special featured fresh peaches with chopped pecans and salted caramel sauce.

The duo stashes local drinks, chips and Maryland-made granola to round out the menu.

Next month, they'll expand their hours and roll out a line of breakfast crêpes.

Solar Crêpes, Fairfax Dr., at N. Stuart St.; solarcrêpes.com

Solar Crepes 4245 Fairfax Dr. Arlington VA 22201 202-276-6083
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