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Two new Chicago publications are at the top of our list

May has been quite a month for Chicago food--but not because of splashy restaurant openings.

Two new Chicago-based journals went to press: one celebrating craft beer culture in Chicago and beyond, another capturing the multifaceted nature of food--as art, literature, history and poetry.

Ed Marszewski of Public Media Institute and Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar is the editor of the new Mash Tun: A Craft Beer Journal (available at Quimby’s and Maria’s; $8). Its 145 pages contain an eclectic assortment of beer-centric work, like tales of drunken literary greats; an interview with Half Acre Beer Company’s Gabriel Magliaro; writing by The Publican’s beer director, Michael McAvena; and an illustrated history of Imperial Stout.

We’ll be referencing some of its useful compilations in the future, specifically a list of good beer bars across Asia, and “15 Illinois Beers You Need to Drink a Lot Of.”

A spin through the pages of the new literary journal Graze traverses an expanse of physical and emotional space. It holds an essay about Cambodian prahok (fish paste) and a short tale of a lover dropping a pan of eggs. There’s a poem about a Samoan cookhouse in Northern California, and a series of photographs entitled “After the Guests,” which evoke the work of another Chicago artist, Laura Letinsky (find where Graze is available here; $10).


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