Taste of Detroit

A weekend's worth of feasting in Motor City
Winter Eataways: Detroit

Jam, pickles, artisan bread and craft coffee are not typically the first things that come to mind at the mention of Detroit.

But a weekend spent exploring Michigan's largest city is filled with edible discoveries. (Click here to see the full itinerary--with photos!)

The city is fast outgrowing its reputation as a food desert and gaining one as a burgeoning hub of do-it-yourself food bravado and artisan craft. With the opening of a stylish new inn with a serious food bent, Honor & Folly, the timing for a visit has never been better.

Our must-try destinations include a century-old market, and a classic deli and innovative pizza joint that share its roof. There's an ambitious new coffee shop and café, a lauded barbecue joint, and a landmark bakery that's a pioneer of the downtown food scene.

You'll leave with a stash of finds, like grains from Hampshire Farms, unusual tea blends from a local company, Red Haven peach-raspberry jam from Russell Street Deli, a loaf of scallion-dill bread, a bag of small-batch granola and more.

Our final words of advice: Bring a camera, and an appetite.

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