Guest Chef Tuesday, June 26 2018

Angie Mar

at The Commons by Tasting Table

Dine at The Beatrice Inn

New York, NY
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    Angie Mar
    The Beatrice Inn, New York, NY

    While many chefs continue to chase down the latest trend in vegetables, Angie Mar of NYC's Beatrice Inn is sticking to what she knows best: transforming a cut of meat into a primal, elaborate feast. Mar, who approaches curating beef like a sommelier does fine wine, worked under some of the world's best chefs and butchers before transforming her West Village chophouse into a place The New York Times calls "one of the most celebratory restaurants in the city."

    Chef Mar joined us to help us break in our brand-new event space, The Commons by Tasting Table, on June 26th and showed us firsthand her mastery over whole-animal cooking.