Smoothie Mixes from Navitas Naturals and Williams-Sonoma

Start 2013 with an antioxidant-rich smoothie
Antioxidant Smoothie Mixer
Beef up your morning smoothie.

It's a brand New Year--and Good Taste is kicking off 2013 with a program called Fresh Start.

Here's what you can expect: recipes from chefs who have decided to eat healthfully, antioxidant-rich recipes from our Test Kitchen, the freshest pantry goods and more.

To start things off, we're going old-school: While everyone is plugging in their fancy new juicers, we're whipping out the blender to make a smoothie enriched with one of Navitas Naturals and Williams-Sonoma's new collaborative, certified-organic Smoothie Mixers ($15 to $25 each; $50 for a three-pack).

The three blends provide varied benefits: The Antioxidant version combines four superberries--goji, açaí, camu and blueberry. Omega-3 is packed with chia, flax and brown rice; the Protein mixer blends superfoods hemp, cacao and maca with a low-glycemic sweetener. Each mixer needs only to be combined with frozen fruit or ingredients like peanut butter or orange juice and whirred in the blender.

We appreciated the sweet-tart flavor of the Antioxidant version; although the package calls for frozen fruit and orange juice, you could also add Greek yogurt for a more substantial smoothie.

Juice had better watch out: We have a new main squeeze.

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