The 9 Coolest Pumpkin Carvings for Halloween

These jaw-dropping designs will leave you in awe
Best Food Pumpkin Carvings
Photo: Rebrn

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without the nostalgic act of carving pumpkins. You might spend hours finding and tracing the right design; cleaning out the gourd’s insides; and slicing, dicing and cutting to finish your masterpiece before finally displaying it in your front lawn.

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But maybe you’ve grown tired of your typical two-eyes-and-a-crooked-mouth. This year, ditch the traditional smiling jack-o'-lantern and carve a new design instead. A bonus for the rebels: Halloween doesn’t have to be about just pumpkins; pineapple carvings have been popping up on Instagram as a spooky alternative. Freshen up the yard with one of these cool designs.


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