Drinking in Spring

Ten cocktails you should sip right now

Spring is in the air, which means it's time to move away from the heavier cocktails that got us through the winter and get excited about light, bright, cool concoctions.

In no particular order, here are 10 spring sippers to clink and drink right now:

Pickled Ramp Gibson ($14) at Saxon + Parole
Waiter, there's an on-trend seasonally-appropriate allium in my drink. Pickled wild ramps are the perfect upgrade for a boring pearl onion in this gin classic.

Coconut Crema ($11) at Colonia Verde
Tequila, lime and coconut cream lend this frothy concoction--somewhere between cocktail and dessert--a certain I'm in the tropics, bitch élan.

Maison Spring Pimm's Cup ($14) at Maison Premiere
The best thing to ever happen to a bottle of Pimms No. 1? That'd be this juicy, gingery highball garnished with an extravagant amount of mint and fresh strawberries.

Deconstructed Sangria ($11) at Martha
There's house-made marmalade spiced with star anise and cinnamon in this beautiful layered cocktail. That, two kinds of vermouth and a gorgeous sparkling float of Lambrusco.

Gentleman Farmer ($12) at Narcissa
Even the bartender, Matt Hunter, loves vegetables at John Fraser's restaurant in The Standard East Village. He sneaks snap peas and tarragon into the vodka.

Welcome to the Dollhouse ($12) at Clover Club
This next-level Campari and soda at one of our favorite Brooklyn bars flies on wings of aquavit, vermouth and a little rhubarb syrup. So pretty and so delicious.

Rhubarb Blush ($10) at Whiskey Soda Lounge
All the flavors of spring, none of the sweetness. Now is the perfect time to indulge in aperol spiked with rhubarb bitters at Red Hook's Thai drinking den.

Garden Variety Margarita ($11) at The Wayland
We promise the kale juice adds body and depth to this bright and pleasingly dry margarita, not drinkable salad-ness. Oh, and we dig the smoky salt rim.

White Zombie ($14) at Fort Defiance
Zac Overman's lushly tropical booze bomb is a stunning variation on the Tiki classic, made with un-aged spirits--find it on Thursday evenings.

Seven Dwarves ($15) at Betony
Eamon Rockey charges fresh carrot juice with CO2 then tops it up with grassy saison beer. That wonderful, complex sweetness? It's the house-smoked honey.

Saxon + Parole 316 Bowery New York NY 10012 212-254-0350 Colonia Verde 219 Dekalb Ave. Brooklyn NY 11205 347-689-4287 Maison Premiere 298 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY 11249 347-335-0446 Martha 184 Dekalb Ave. Brooklyn NY 11205 718-596-4147 Narcissa 25 Cooper Sq. New York NY 10003 212-475-5700 Clover Club 210 Smith St. Brooklyn NY 11231 718-855-7939 The Wayland 700 E 9th St. New York NY 10009 212-777-7022 Fort Defiance 365 Van Brunt St. Brooklyn NY 11231 347-453-6672 Whiskey Soda Lounge 115 Columbia St. Brooklyn NY 11201 718-797-4120 Betony 41 W 57th St. New York NY 10019 212-465-2400


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