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Sweeten your morning with a maple latte

It seems as though summertime coffee has all the fun; that's when java lovers can take advantage of the added benefits of special brewing gear and a range of intricately spiced iced coffees. Winter's answer to this one-sidedness? Maple-syrup lattes sweetened with the finest locally tapped elixirs.

Here, a guide to New York's sweetest--and stickiest--morning brews:

71 Irving Place Coffee & Tea Bar This Union Square café blends wood-fired Deep Mountain syrup from Vermont with chocolaty Flying Donkey espresso ($5). If that doesn't satisfy your maple urge, snag a waffle with butter and maple syrup ($8). 71 Irving Pl.; 212-995-5252 or irvingfarm.com

MudSpot Dark grade B maple syrup gives Mud's lattes a mildly sweet touch. For an indulgent eye-opener, have your latte ($5) made with heavy cream--or order a two-ounce shot of maple syrup ($1) in a regular cup of joe. 307 E. Ninth St.; 212-228-9074 or mudnyc.com

Gorilla Coffee Even, ahem, celebs have been spotted sipping Gorilla Coffee's lattes ($4), which are laced with Maple Grove Farms syrup. 97 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn; 718-230-3244 or gorillacoffee.com

Grounded This West Village shop offers a fully organic version, which combines light grade A syrup and milk from upstate with fair-trade coffee. 28 Jane St.; 212-647-0943 or groundedcoffee.com

Grounded 28 Jane St. New York NY 10014 212-647-0943 Gorilla Coffee 97 Fifth Ave. New York NY 11217 718-230-3244 MudSpot 307 E. Ninth St. New York NY 10003 212-228-9074 71 Irving Place 71 Irving Pl. New York NY 10003 212-995-525


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