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The 6 containers that will keep your drinks at temp

You hear it all the time: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. One simple way to get more liquid into your life is by carrying around a water bottle, but it inevitably falls prey to the peer pressure of room temperature. Fight lukewarm beverages with these six functional yet stylish water bottles and gear.

1 Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle ($40 to $65)

What cardio kickboxing was to 2015, foam rolling is to 2016. Kill two birds with one stone: The thick foam outer layer both insulates your water and provides on-the-go muscle massages. Pick from three sizes and bright camo patterns for choose-your-own-adventure hydration.

2 Coffee Joulies ($60 for five)

When your coffee's too hot to handle, these coffee bean-shaped gizmos take the heat. They're made of an adaptable material that stores heat as energy for later, so when your drink cools off, they recycle the stored heat back into your brew to maintain the ideal temperature range.

3 Hydro Flask Growler ($55)

We maintain that proper hydration is not mutually exclusive to water. Easier to tote around than a six-pack, this hike-ready container keeps your craft brew chilled (and condensation free) for up to 24 hours, thanks to a layer of vacuum insulation.

4 S'well Elements Collection ($35 each)

S'well has plenty of striking designs, but we like this earthy, marbled collection most. Every bottle is unique, like a snowflake—fitting, because it keeps your water icy cold. The largest model can also hold an entire bottle of wine, and since the marbled design is opaque, no one has to know.

5 Yeti Beer Can Insulator ($15)

Friends don't let friends go camping without protective gear, so treat your beer as such. Closed cell foam insulation keeps the dew off your hands, and the cute bear drawing will be the talk of the campfire. If you do happen to encounter a bear, we don't suggest you hand it a beer.

6 Topo Designs Mug ($16)

These stackable mugs pull double duty, keeping your coffee hot in the morning and your 5 p.m. old-fashioned properly chilled. Clip it onto a bag for a hiking trip or leave it on your desk to flaunt the stylish design.


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