Batch Me If You Can

Pitcher cocktails make entertaining easy

It's large-batch cocktail season.

Time to retire the shaker, at least for a few months, and break out the big pitcher.

Let your guests serve themselves; you'll have more time to attend to the grill.

Sure, sangria's a hot weather standby, but we asked the folks at NYC's Nitecap for something a little more interesting and a lot more refreshing. The aptly named Rib Tickler fit the bill.

A lip-puckering blend of white vermouth, St. Germain and Suze, the drink gets a refreshing kick from freshly squeezed lemon juice and a welcome bubbly lift--that's the tickler part--from a seltzer finish (get the recipe).

And did we mention that it's pretty? Top it off with grapefruit slices and consider yourself done.

Now, wasn't that easy?


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