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Upgrade your Negroni with Cinzano Prosecco
Cinzano Prosecco | Tasting Table

The classic Negroni of gin, vermouth and Campari proved its mettle in the hall of great drinks, but it has enjoyed the spotlight long enough: Give it a summery pick-me-up by swapping in Cinzano Prosecco (Chin-ZAH-noh).

Simply fill a lowball with your ingredients: 1½ ounces each of Campari, Cinzano Rosso Vermouth and Cinzano Prosecco. (With over 250 years of experience and bragging rights as the first Italian maker of sparkling wines, Cinzano's got it down.) Finish it off with the requisite orange slice (see the recipe). The result is a fizzy take on a classic that you can drink from sunup to sundown.

Cheers! Or, in Cinzano's mother tongue, cin cin! (Chin-Chin)