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Cynar appears on Miami cocktail menus

European apertifs and digestifs like Fernet Branca and Averna might be all over beverage menus in New York and Chicago, but these liqueurs are only beginning to appear on Miami cocktail menus.

Our current favorite: Cynar. An artichoke appears on Cynar's label, but the spring vegetable is only one of a slew of botanical ingredients in this liqueur, and the bittersweet, herbal spirit tastes nothing like artichoke.

Cynar is superb on its own, but also lends itself to intriguing cocktails. Sip a frothy, aromatic Artichoke Sour ($13) at Dolce Italian in South Beach while watching the wildlife on Collins Avenue. Egg whites, simple syrup and lime juice lighten and round out Cynar's bitter twang.

The Social Club's bartender Chad Phillips combines Cynar, Cardenal de Mendoza brandy, lemon juice and Carpano Antica vermouth, then playfully adds a drop from a clear vial labeled "Essence of a Fleeting Moment," to make the bracing, caramel-toned Something That I Said ($13).

On May 16, 2013, Tasting Table readers have the opportunity to discover another versatile spirit, Casa Dragones' luxe tequila. During a special event at Lantao Social Club, readers will enjoy hors d'oeuvres as they learn about the tequila-making process. Here's how to land a spot.

The Social Club 1717 Collins Ave. Miami Beach FL 33139 305-604-1800 Dolce Italian at Gale South Beach 1690 Collins Ave. Miami Beach FL 33139 305-673-0199


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