Bread Winners

Loaves we love from the crust to the last crumb

We love bread every which way: Toasted for breakfast. Sliced for sandwiches. Torn off and consumed in big hunks on the way home from the store. Here are our 10 favorite loaves right now, in no specific order.

① Tartine's buckwheat-crème fraîche bread ($9)
Do we have to pick just one of Chad Robertson's breads? This nutty, airy loaf is this week's obsession.

② Acme's sweet baguette ($2.15 at the Ferry Building)
Since 1983, still the ideal foil for creamy, stinky French cheeses and Côtes du Rhône.

③ Liguria Bakery's focaccia ($4)
The romantic kiss of the bread world, delicate and yielding. Nowhere near as crusty as the people who make it.

④ Della Fattoria's rosemary-lemon bread ($8 at Bi-Rite)
Speckled with rosemary and zest, enhanced by a generous glug of olive oil, this loaf makes an ordinary tuna salad sandwich seem special.

⑤ John Campbell's raisin soda bread ($7.75)
Soft and colonized by dried fruits, this humble bread free of the acrid bite of baking soda. What it wants: butter.

⑥ Oasis Food Market's flatbreads ($1.75)
This Oakland halal market is continually pulling album-sized, bubbly wheat breads out of a tandoor oven. Dare you to buy just one.

⑦ Oatmeal-molasses bread from Marla Bakery ($5)
A new favorite sandwich bread, caramel-hued and evenly crumbed. It makes amazing toast.

⑧ Pan frances from King's Bakery ($.30)
Dutch crunch, meh. Make your next sandwich on one of this Mission panaderia's crusty, torpedo-shaped bolillos (rolls).

⑨ Le Marais's country levain ($6)
This Marina pastry shop is getting a name for its croissants, but its naturally leavened breads are crusty and flavorful.

⑩ OctoberFeast's old-style rye (at the Saturday Berkeley Farmers' Market)
Our favorite German-style rye--giant, dense, earthy and naturally sweet.

Tartine Bakery 600 Guerrero St. San Francisco CA 94110 415-487-2600 Acme Bread Co. Ferry Building San Francisco CA 94105 415-288-2978 Liguria Bakery 1700 Stockton St. San Francisco CA 94133 415-421-3786 Bi-Rite Market 550 Divisadero St. San Francisco CA 94117 415-551-7900 John Campbell's Irish Bakery 5625 Geary Blvd. San Francisco CA 94121 415-379-9965 Oasis Food Market 3045 Telegraph Ave. Oakland CA 94609 510-655-5111 Marla Bakery Kitchen Communal 613 York St. San Francisco CA 94110 King's Bakery 2846 Mission St. San francisco CA 94110 415-282-4550 Le Marais Bakery 2066 Chestnut St. San Francisco CA 94123 415-359-9801 Berkeley Saturday Farmers' Market Center St. and Martin Luther King Jr. Wy Berkeley CA 94704


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