NYC's Best Pasta Dish Costs Less than $10

You don't need to go to Del Posto for pedigree pasta
Pasta Flyer in NYC Opens
Photo: Beth Galton

It's been almost 10 months since Mark Ladner, the Michelangelo of pasta, left Del Posto to open his solo project. Now loyal (and patient) followers can get a taste of his acclaimed masterpieces—without having to shell out for a three-figure tasting menu.

In similar fashion to the Eleven Madison Park team's Made Nice, Pasta Flyer is a fast-casual restaurant that comes with a Michelin-backed pedigree. Ladner himself isn't afraid to lump his new speedy dinner joint in the same category as Chipotle though: Bowls filled with chewy fusilli and vibrant basil pesto come out in less than a minute, using techniques and ingredients the chef picked up during his 12-year tenure at Del Posto.

Other pasta options include fettuccini, whole-grain rigatoni and gluten-free penne, all of which you can mix and match with sauces like marinara, a hefty meat ragù and creamy Alfredo. Splurging on sides, including spicy broccoli rabe dolloped with ricotta and airy puffs of fried garlic bread, will still keep you well under a $10 dinner budget.


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And though you won't find any 100-layer noodle masterpieces here, Ladner is serving up a tribute to the crusty, burnt edges of lasagna via the fried lasagna snack, whose crispy pasta bits are way better than any fast-food crinkle-cut fry.


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